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Press _ Intervista Nove Store _ GnamBox

Luca Lazzaro and Paolo Simonetta are the creators of this space dedicated to international fashion and contemporary art 
How did NOVE STORE come to exist?
L: Me and Paolo are from very different worlds, but being young we both had two shared passions: art and fashion.
The need to create NOVE STORE, a store dedicated to the cosmopolitan man, was born to represent a simple way of dressing, high quality clothing and excellent fit. Of course, we could not ignore art in our store: we dedicate windows to young and talented artists, also one of the tables in the store was made by young students from Lice Artistico Alciati (Vercelli), based by Pollok's art. 
What is the aesthetic research for the products that we can find in your store?
The research is wide and eclectic; from our beloved Watanabe to Maison Kitsunè. Everything is updated daily blogs dedicated to men's world like Men's Reverie, Selectism, The Men Issue, UntitleDV
Mattia is wearing: suit Department 5scarf Paolo Pecoramocassino Guido

Cristian is wearing: t-shirt Edwin, shirt Burkman Bros, scarf Paolo Pecora, pants Department 5, boat shoes Paraboot

Simone: jeans HTC, sweatshirt Alternatve, t-shirt Burkman Bros, boat shoes Paraboot, ipad case Comme de Garcons

Cristian is wearing: trench ChatCwin, pants HTC, sneakers Philippe Model
Mattia is wearing: field jacket Bark, scarf Camerucci, pants Department 5, mocassino Guido
Simone is wearing: pants d21, jacket Department 5, scarf Camerucci, mocassino Guido
When in Vercelli, where do you go for food? What advice would you give our followers...
Our favourites are: restaurant Casa Mia for eating fresh fish or "Trattoria Paolino" for typical cuisine from Piemonte.
For an amazing risotto we also suggest 
Ristorante Cristian e Manuel , then "Pizza & Pasta" for a huge kamut flour pizza
(we tried it…. was so good), and last but not least "Pasticceria Lesca" that is very good and artisanal.
All the guys are wearing: t-shirt Alternativeshorts Burkman Brossneaker Philippe model
What's your favorite dish?
P: My favorite dish is kamut fusilli with tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil.
L: Mine is spelt penne with shrimps, zucchini and pesto.
We are epicurean, we love life's pleasures, so sweets cannot miss on our table.

Can you cook?
L: I really love cooking and I'm a discreet cook (that's what my friends say)
P: Cook? No, I like to taste!

Do you follow recipes or do you improvise in your kitchen?
L: I try to follow recipes, but sometimes I'd like to try to cook in my way with fantasy and improvisation. I think that creativity is primary in the kitchen.
Thank you so much for the great and tasty weekend in Vercelli, for your kindness and hospitality.. and obviously for the "Gnam Box Bags"  


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