venerdì 25 novembre 2011

UntitleDV Selection _ V70 ALBERT PAPER BAG SET

Merry F-Mas è la stoia a puntate, in cinque episodi, con protagonista Albert, l'oca, immortalata dal fotografo svizzero Jürg Halte. Il primo episodio viene celebrato con una serie di nove borse in carta su ispirazione del modello Miami Vice che messe assieme rappresentano Albert in una foto in biaco e nero, disponibile solo nello shop del brand.

Qui sotto il primo episodio di Albert, the goose, in inglese
"One morning, Albert the Goose fell from the grey sky onto the tarpaulin of a truck and, at first, lay there, dazed. Just seconds later, he got up again, cussing, though, and shook out his feathers. The truck was driving towards a tunnel at high speed. Albert quickly fluttered off, landing on his stomach in the field by the road. Again, he cussed, 'What a pig of a day! And I've gone and wrecked my left wing!' Beside him, in the grass, he heard a chuckle. 'A hedgehog! With nothing better to do than mock a poor goose like me ...' 'Sorry,' said the hedgehog, 'but your landing was Charlie-Chaplin-like, almost.' 'Yeah, yeah,' Albert muttered drily, 'I'd like to see you hedgehogs try to fly.' 'Where is it you're going?' the hedgehog asked, to calm him. 'To town.' 'And what will you there?' 'Don't know yet. At the very least, though, begin a new life.' 'Whatever you say ... The nearest town is behind the hill there. But how will you make it with your flying equipment damaged?' 'By hitching a bike-ride,' Albert replied, tersely, and pointedly held his other wing out."

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